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In The Black

SpEcIaL oPeRaToR T-sHiRt Black

SpEcIaL oPeRaToR T-sHiRt Black

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For all you mouth breathing door kickers, we present to you the special operator t shirt.


Material: 60 cotton/40 polyester 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ty Jackson

Rad t-shirt lads 🤙

Chris Gonzales

All the ladies at my 2 gun match were drooling over my performance at my latest 2 gun match. This shirt is a must!

Mitch B
New favorite shirt!

This is my new favorite shirt. Absolutely love it. The fabric is quality, and the screen is great! It makes me feel SpEcIaL

Nacho Libre
Tactical Tee Turned Tryst Triumptj

This shirt is super cool and great for missions! It also helped me make a new lady friend ;)! Who knew this fken shirt could be a wingman! Thanks, In The Black HQ!

Oliver Clarke
Operator Dark 30

The shirt came in pretty quick and great quality…(theatre music), so I got the package and went up to my room. Decide to try it on, then boom. Ya boy biceps start started popping out of this thing. I don't know what came over me but chocolate drop was in full effect. My senses started going crazy (donned my hoochie daddy shorts, white long socks and my new balance 624). Immediately started clearing rooms like I was in an FOG reel. All rooms upstairs cleared. As I proceed down the stairs my rotterman didn't see me coming he immediately takes off after he shit himself living room cleared and proceeded to the kitchen. My other dog looks at me like wtf is going on and hit him with the 🤫 as I continue clearing. Last room left is the garage. My wife was on the treadmill and ya boy turned in to BlackLavender. She couldn't resist and kept looking at me. As I looked at her and winked, I swear it was like the movies. In slow motion she tripped over her feet and couldn't catch herself. Threw a hip thrust and she east shit on the treadmill (face plant). Damsel in distress? Your operated help her up from a hard time. She looked into my eyes and I told her she safe with me. Boom ya boy got laid 2.5 times ( the .5 I can explain at another camp fire story). Men this shirt will get you laid it like a magnet. Will leave another review once I hit home depot.