About Us

Who We Are: Veterans and active SWAT.

In The Black promotes a lifestyle worth living for. A lifestyle showcasing the daily grind and the never fucking quit mentality. Aimed at serving the community that serves us.

The Meaning Behind In The Black (ITB):

Colonel Jeff Cooper of the United States Marine Corps created a color code to help explain the different states of an individuals situational awareness. The four colors Cooper used were: white, yellow, orange, and red.

  • White:
    • This is your everyday moron that has their eyes glued to their phone and is completely oblivious to their surroundings.
  • Yellow:
    • Alert and aware of your surroundings, when you walk around in public you notice the people around you.
  • Orange:
    • You have identified a potential threat and you are ready to do whatever is necessary.
  • Red:
    • The decision has been made and it is a confirmed threat. Once the threat reveals its self, you act with violence.

Cooper did not have a condition Black, but that is where we put a spin on Coopers color code. We decided to embrace the negative term and make it positive.

  • Black:
    • When you haven’t prepared yourself for a violent encounter and you lack the proper physical and mental preparedness, the overwhelming physical and psychological stress leaves you incapable of a quick and effective response.